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Recital this Saturday!

We have a wonderful Christmas recital coming up this Saturday. This is one of our students preparing for it. Jessica is ready, are you? 

Upcoming events

We just had a wonderful recital last weekend. We had many students improved greatly in their skills. Many performances were pieces from different movies that the kids enjoyed.

This is a great season to enroll in piano lessons, as we are now preparing for our Christmas Piano Recital on December 10th. If you would like to enroll please contact us for a free trial piano lesson. We come to you and give piano lessons in Denver and the surrounding area.

Recital next week!

We have a great recital coming up next week!  It’s our Autumn recital and we are all very excited for it. If you are participating in the Autumn recital don’t forget to fill out your seat reservation form and your student participation form.  I have both listed below. I can’t wait to see you all at the next recital!

Facebook event link 


Seat Reservation Form


Student Participation Form



Possible competition! 🙂

We are hoping to bring some great competitions to the studio this year!