The Set Apart Studios Story

Mission and History

While Jordan Lane studied music at a small college in Colorado, he and his friends struggled to find sustainable employment in the music industry. Jordan had almost no options for part-time employment offering the stability and flexibility needed to balance work and school. Set Apart Studios was born to provide sustainable employment while offering an entertaining and educational experience to students. Set Apart Studios has always focused on the customer experience. Every instructor is driven to create a fun learning environment where students thrive. Students and parents form a bond with their music teacher that lasts for years to come. Set Apart Studios is set apart from other music studios because our focus is on providing exceptional customer experiences and exceptional employment experiences.

All Included In Your Monthly Tuition: Free Trips To The Symphony! Encouraging Events and Recitals Lessons In Your Home


Sectionals are a gathering of music students every other month, During the gathering students are able to play part or all of a piece they are working on. Other students then give advice on what could be improved and also give encouragement on what he/she is doing well.

This is a great time of encouragement and fellowship for music students. It’s important for music students to have a positive community they can feel secure in. I would encourage every student to take part in this event! There will be many and you may even get to hear a teacher play from time to time.

Flexible Lessons

We excel and train people for playing various musical instruments like violin lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and more. Our studio strives to make lessons work with your family, and so, all our teachers travel to your home allowing lessons to be more convenient and flexible.


At Set Apart Studios we believe each musician should be a part of one big music family, which potentially spreads across the state, country, and even world. Here, we provide the best professional musical training and mentorship in order to bring out and enhance the hidden musical talents that you or your student has. Our teachers are a group of innovative, qualified, and skilled musicians who incorporate musical theory, technique, and history to assist the process of developing strong musical fundamentals. Whether it is piano lessons, guitar lessons, or any other musical instrument.