🔟 Learn your first 10 songs in your first few months!

Parents always run into the same five problems:

  1. Their kids don't progress
  2. They think they don't have the time
  3. They can't find an excellent teacher for their child
  4. They started lessons but their child lost interest
  5. They can't find a teacher that fits their specific child

We've always been sad to see these problems stop lessons.

Kids end up missing out on

  • Bonding moments with parents and siblings 
  • Increased self-confidence through performing 
  • Deep lasting friendships through music groups and recitals 
  • A healthy hobby 
  • A passion that gives them fulfillment and joy 

🎶 Check out one of our recitals!  🎶

This is why we've made excellent music lessons as accessible as possible!

Here's how we do it!

✅     Online lessons

✅     Learn ten songs in your first few months

✅     Teachers that fit your specific child

✅     Four recitals a year

✅     Masterclasses with other teachers and professions

✅     Physical personalized award letters

Your First Month FREE!

If you sign up for a trial lesson or book a consultation call with in the next 24 hours you'll get a free consultation where we will discuss your child's needs and give you proven strategies to meet those needs!

Just let us know if you want a consultation in your sign-up form in the dates section!

We want kids to find a PASSION in music. We want them to learn something they can be PROUD of!

We want you to be able to HEAR music in your HOME! To be able to LISTEN to little concerts by YOUR KIDS!